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Research of the faculty

Scientific work at the faculty is carried out in the following fields:

  • development of the national multi-level standard for foreign language proficiency;
  • identification of scientific grounds of distance learning;
  • scientific and methodological support of personality-centered approach to training of specialists in the sphere of Romano-Germanic languages;
  • identification of the structure and content of a teacher`s communicative competence;
  • organization of students' independent work in the framework of personality-centered approach to teaching a foreign language in higher educational institutions.

The faculty has an extensive network of partnerships with Minsk State Linguistic University and other higher educational institutions in Belarus and the Ukraine, the cultural departments of the Embassies of Great Britain, Germany, France and the USA, which lets us offer various exchange programmes for students and teachers.

The faculty offers an MA degree in German languages (English, German) and a PhD course in theory and methodology of training and education.

In the period of 2011-2015 the research teams of the faculty were working in the following areas:

  1. National Cultural Peculiarities of Phraseological Units (supervised by Candidate of Philological Sciences, associate professor S.N. Kolotsej);
  2. Interactive Information Technologies in Teaching Foreign Languages and Cross Cultural Communication (supervised by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, associate professor L.S. Bannikova).

The results of research were presented in a number of scientific articles, student handbooks and practical guides with the aim to enhance learning and teaching experience.

Contact Information

Address: 246019,Gomel,Sovetskaya, 102 (building 5)

Phone: +375 (232) 57-61-93

Internet address: http://forlang.gsu.by

Dean of the Faculty: Bаnnikova Lyudmila S.